AI platform targets better efficiency, load-shaping solutions for utilities

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“According to Marley Urdanick, a utility technology expert with Indigo Advisory, "the number of intelligent end point devices on the physical infrastructure is growing rapidly where enormous amounts of data [are] coming back from the grid."

Indigo said it expects the market for consumer connected devices to grow by more than 10%, year-over-year, in the next few years. "This will make AI applications critical when it comes to concepts like 'prices to devices' and the consumer ease of 'set it and forget it' for price signals," Urdanick told Utility Dive.

Data quality is a big deal, said Urdanick, in part because 80% of utility data is "generally unstructured."

"Areas such as data quality are paramount to quick wins in the [demand response] market, especially when we look to related processes like measurement and verification."